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Latest ISO image and TGZ Updates for download by our Resellers and Customers. Fully featured and only needing activation with your license code or a temporary demo license from System Five.

 Latest Features

  • SATA Disk Support
  • 98% Typical Compression
  • Fire wire Hot Swap
  • Over 10 Operating Systems supported
  • Built in Virtual Machines
  • Remote Desktop access
  • Encrypted Reverse Tunnel VPN
  • Creation of DVD disaster Recovery Boot disks.
  • Bare Metal Image restores
  • NTFS write support.
  • Remote Sync with multiple backup Servers
  • Imaging while Windows running.
  • Fast/Sparse Imaging.
Last updated: Tue Dec 11 17:12:06 AEDT 2012
 with Version: 6-2-14z

Remember to Press the Shift Key when clicking links for binary download.

Snapshot.iso is a 230 Meg file CD image used for the Snapshot EFB master server installation and a general purpose boot disk for backup and disaster recover when the PC will not boot.

Snapshot.tgz  is a 10 Meg file used for Snapshot EFB server  automated updates. It contains all  Snapshot executables and documentation for more than 10 different operating systems.

You  can use standard CD burning software to make a bootable CD from the ISO or you can install the TGZ onto an existing Windows or Unix System.  The same agent will act as a master by changing  startup options (-K) which will enable the built in web server.